10 Ways Cats Show You They Love You

Cat owners show our love to our felines pretty regularly, by snuggling them, giving them treats, and letting them take half of our pillows while we’re sleeping. How do cats feel about us, though? They can be pretty fond in return, and here are some sure fire signs your cat loves you.

They’re Your Furry Shadow

Cat looking up at human

Are you ever able to use the bathroom without seeing a pair of kitty paws reaching out underneath the closed door? Or, if the door was open long enough for those paws and their owner to sneak in, are you able to use the bathroom without helpful support from the counter? It may be a little annoying, but this is the height of feline love. Assuming you’re not late delivering lunch, a cat who follows you everywhere enjoys being around you and feels safe and comfortable with you. That’s why you may soon find them plopped down on any available pet bed in every room you visit.

Showing That Belly

Cat flopped on its back showing its belly

Sometimes when our cat flops belly side up, we can’t help but fall for the trap. We’ll touch that belly, which may lead to a swipe. Even if your cat gets a little feisty in these encounters, the reason she showed you her belly to begin with is that she trusts you and feels comfortable being that vulnerable around you. Many animals are reluctant to flop belly up because it may be unsafe, but not when the human they trust is around.

Slow Blinks

Cat slow blinking

When you glance over at your cat and she slowly closes her eyes while looking at you, it may seem like she’s cozy and a bit sleepy. While those may also be the case – who isn’t sleepy when they spend most the day napping? – the slow blink is a classic sign of feline affection. Some people even refer to them as kitty kisses. The gesture communicates that they trust you and feel completely safe in that moment. You can return those “kitty kisses”, too, which may be preferable to an actual smooch for many cats.

Eyeing You Down

Cat peeking around corner and staring

When your cat meets your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore… Okay, not really the right lyrics and maybe doesn’t make a lot of sense, but cat eye contact = love. It may seem like a bit of a staredown sometimes, but if your cat establishes and sustains eye contact with you, it means they are fond of you. They’ll only do this with people they like, so lap up that staring affection!

You Two Are Always Butting Heads

Cat rubbing its head against its human's head

The term “butting heads” may generally explain a less than positive interaction, but when a cat butts your head, it’s laden with love. First off, it leaves her scent on you to mark you as hers, which helps your scents intermingle. It’s also an act of affection learned from early in their lives. They use this to bond with other cats, and then later on with you, their very tall, unfurry cat friend.

Making Sure You Get That Bath In

Cat grooming other cat

There’s nothing like the texture of cat sandpaper tongue on your skin. While it may be less than soft, the gesture comes from a soft-hearted place. Grooming you is a sign of affection. Cats groom themselves to hide their scent from predators, to improve circulation, and to maintain body temperature. When they start cleaning other cats – or even dogs – it’s a way to socialize with their friends. So, when they make sure you’re getting that bath in, they’re showing you that you’re their buddy, too.

Always Giving You Wonderful ‘Gifts’

Cat leaving a mouse gift for human

If you’ve ever had an outdoor cat, there’s a chance they brought you a dead animal, like a bird or a mouse. In some cases, it may still be alive and then get loose and run around your house. Well, it was the thought that counts. Leaving little “gifts” like this for their humans isn’t just a kind of gross display, it’s a display of love. Cats, especially females, have an instinct to hunt and bring the spoils back to their kittens. If you have an indoor-only cat, she may have hunted the elusive catnip toy and brought it to you as a gift. Both ways mean love.

You’re All Your Cat Kneads

Cat paw resting on human hand

We’ve all seen our cats “making biscuits”. No, it’s not likely that they’re aspiring chefs. Kneading is a behavior learned in kittenhood. They will do this when nursing from their mothers. When cats latch onto you and start kneading, it’s a sign that they’re comfortable and they feel safe with you. While their little murder mittens may sometimes be a bit sharp in these circumstances, it’s just them showing their affection for you.

Making You Their Human Furniture

Cat sitting on human's lap while they read

When we’re sitting down and a cat plops down on our laps, we know we’ll be stuck there for a while. At least if it’s cold, we have a 10-pound heater. Anyway, this little plop down session isn’t just an inconvenience of the feline variety, it’s another sign of kitty love. Cats will only choose a safe place to sleep, so they’re saying they think your lap, and you, are safe for them. So the next time your legs have fallen asleep due to an exceptionally long cat lap nap, just remember: it’s all in love.

Getting Cheeky with You

Cat rubbing face against furniture

Are you ever walking around, trying to traverse your kitchen, but a little cat keeps weaving through your legs and wiping his cheek on you? No, this isn’t just an attempt to make you trip while carrying dinner ingredients. Kitty is showing his love by marking his territory: you. Cats have scent glands on their heads that they’re using to transfer their scent to you, letting the world know that you’re theirs. How sweet.

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